Analysis of Internet user behavior

Consumer behavior analysis

Understanding the behavior of Internet users helps to anticipate and provide effective solutions to the needs of visitors. Not only is it possible to deliver targeted offers, but it is also easier to envision a satisfactory conversion rate. It is in this way easier to increase its notoriety as well as its visibility.We offer you an in-depth analysis of the slightest actions of your visitors and relating to your ergonomics, the attraction of your services and the achievement of the objectives of your digital media.

Beyond the behavior of Internet users, it is important to facilitate web browsing to improve its traffic rate. The visitor must be able to navigate the different tabs while the call-to-action buttons must be visible. One of the most important rules in the design of a site thus comes down to three clicks: all the pages and functionalities of a website must be accessible in less than three clicks from the home page.
Equipping you with the latest standards in terms of tracking and data analysis technologies, we have the experience and dynamism you need to optimize your digital presence. Discover now the technologies we use to make your digital media simply better than before.


Click Tracking

Click tracking, also called mouse tracking, is a technology that analyzes what an Internet user does on a website via mouse clicks. This improves, among other things, the ergonomics of your site.
Click tracking also allows you to count the number of mouse clicks made on a web page. Thanks to this, you will know what attracts your potential customer the most and will be able to redefine the content of your page. We can thus optimize the ergonomics of your website. We will know which elements are of interest to Internet users and which should be highlighted the most to improve the user experience.

The A / B Test

A / B testing (or A / B testing) is a marketing technique that consists of offering several variants of the same object that differ according to a single criterion (for example, the color of a packaging) in order to determine which version works best with consumers.
Page variations are presented in random ways to site visitors. A number of visitors will then be directed to version A while another part will be assigned to version B. Based on the results obtained, we will optimize your digital presence for more performance.

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